Well that went better than expected!

So, you may remember from last week that I was in what I like to call ‘a bit of a panic’. I mean, who actually likes tidying up stuff?! But with the help of my lovely sister-in-law Denise, I did actually get my studio all in order, work nicely hung and displayed and tea and cake set out for Open Studios, all by 10:58am on Friday!! I even managed to have a shower and wash my hair before the 11am opening! Phew!

As it turned out, it all went rather well; I had loads of lovely visitors, sold some glass, have lots of interest in both beginners glass fusing workshops and some bespoke, skill-specific days for some lovely novice glass fusers – so that went better than expected!! And as my studio looked so pretty with my work set out and hung up, I’ve decided to leave it where it is. One of my friends did point out that it will get dusty if I leave it out, but hey! who ever cared about a bit of dust? Not me! After all, I made it to be seen, not wrapped in bubble wrap and stuffed in a box in the garage! So until someone else wants it in their house, I may as well enjoy it myself. And anyway, I’ve already filled all the shelf space in the garage so it won’t fit ;0)

Here’s a little peek of some of it in my studio…..

Clearly the Fairy lights are an essential feature of any studio display!

It’s not too late to brighten up your summer wardrobe with some funky jewellery either! Look at all those yummy chunks of swirly glass – that was very popular! And yes, you spotted the Xmas display – to be honest I really never want to make another Xmas themed item again, so these were all in ‘bargain corner’ lol.

The other thing we did was some coaster or sun-catcher making – so much fun!


I’m going to be doing some coaster and sun-catcher making sessions at my local Wisdom Hospice so Emma who is part of the team there, popped in with her lovely daughter to have a go and see what we would be doing. Great job girls!!

And finally, I received this lovely pic of Colin the Cockerel who flew off to a new home and is now sitting on the kitchen wall surveying the goings-on and looking very happy!


All-in-all a fab weekend of chatting about glass, drinking tea and eating cake, and I still have a tidy studio! But more importantly, now it’s such a pleasant space, I have renewed motivation to get in there and get making stuff!! 50 jelly babies already in the kiln and 3 light sconces for a client in the planning stages – YAY!! The sunny weather helps and my view into the garden is a bonus, but I must admit, having a tidy, well ordered studio is the best motivation, so maybe if I just do the tidying up as I go from now on……..

Bev x


Ever wish your dog was really a house elf?

img_0920.jpgNow I’m not saying Harvey isn’t a super dooper lovely helper in the studio – he does after all keep me company and warn me of all impending doom like the postman arriving or a squirrel trespassing on the fence – but today I really could have done with a bit more in the way of practical help – if only he was actually a house elf!

You see, I made a spur of the moment decision, after feeling grumpy that as usual, we would be on holiday for Medway Open Studios, and I would therefore not be able to take part – again; I decided to hold my own, stand-alone open studios, created a FB event, published it, announced it on twitter, instagram, FB and LinkedIn, made some DIY leaflets, handed them out at 2 networking events, and before I knew it, there really was no going back. Small problem was, I had taken delivery of a new larger kiln and wedged it into the garage. To make space for it, much of the garage was now in my studio and in the conservatory! But no worries – I had 6 weeks to sort this out before open studios :0)


OK, so now open studios is day after tomorrow, and I am still ‘tidying’ stuff! Why is it that what seems like a perfectly do-able task when the decision is made, gradually becomes the last thing on the planet you want to do? I have no problem getting on social media and promoting it – I’m even going to be a guest on Molly Moodle’s Mashup on Channel radio tomorrow to talk about it (do tune in between 3 & 4pm to listen). It’s just the getting around to actually making a start bit, that I’m struggling with….. so……. I’ve just paused for a cuppa and a couple of chocolate digestives, and to write a blog post – as clearly that’s what you do when faced with deadlines!


I may have had more than a couple of chocolate digestives by the way….

Actually this behaviour is pretty much par for the course (and I fear that my son Ellis has inherited my propensity for procrastination) – every exhibition I’ve put on, every holiday I’ve packed for, every piece of homework I did at school – all last minute dot com! I like to say I work best when I’m running the gauntlet, but actually it just serves to make me stressed! Once I thought it was a good idea to go to Ladies Day at Ascot on a vintage bus for a friend’s 40th, the day before my holiday, and pack (for me and my son) when I got back that night….. if the bus hadn’t broken down twice on the motorway coming home, that may have not been such a bad plan as it turned out to be – going to bed at 3am and getting back up at 6am to get to the airport suddenly erased all the fun of Ladies Day from my memory!

Anyway, it’s 5 mins to school pick up now, so I’d better drink my tea… I mean I’d better do a bit more tidying up….

Come on Harvey, if I promise you a sock of your very own, can you just magic my studio in order? Pleeeaaase!