School Holidays are the dementors of creativity!

I don’t know about you, but we are now on week 5 of the school summer holidays and I’ve had the creativity and enthusiasm for work literally sucked out of me in the manner of a dementor from Harry Potter!! Admittedly I’ve been away on a cruise and also on a trip to Scotland for a family wedding, but even so, in the remaining weeks, I’ve had no inspiration whatsoever! Is it just me? Or does anyone else vicariously feel the pain of teenage apathy?

Gone are the holi-days when a trip to the coast or the park was considered the best fun that could be had for the price of a picnic! What do you mean my teenage son, you just want to stay in your room and ‘hang out’ with your friends (virtually) on your Play Station?! A reluctant agreement to go to the cinema seems like progress but is short-lived. I try to persuade said teenager to actually invite real friends over to play in the actual¬†world and not virtually, or for him to actually go outside and do an proper activity that uses more than just his thumb muscles, but nope!¬†As if this isn’t frustrating enough, we discover 4 weeks in, that he has omitted to tell us about the English homework for the Summer Holidays, in which he has to read both The Lord of the Flies AND Macbeth, and answer about 8 questions per chapter. If the mind-numbing routine of trying to get him out of his bedroom wasn’t bad enough, the bribery, blackmail and threats involved in brokering a deal for GCSE reading, has definitely sucked out what scrap of enthusiasm for work and creativity I had left!

I hear you saying “leave him to it and go have fun in your studio!” And that would be a good plan and it’s very tempting, but then I would feel like the worst mother in the world for not trying to think up exciting and engaging, whilst possibly educational and hopefully mind-expanding things for a 14 year old boy child to do in his 8 (yes bloody 8) weeks off!! And there are only so many 12A films being shown at the Odeon!

Has anyone tried hypnotising a 14 year old teenage boy? Asking for a friend!

In the meantime, here are some nice pics from my holiday….