Ever wish your dog was really a house elf?

img_0920.jpgNow I’m not saying Harvey isn’t a super dooper lovely helper in the studio – he does after all keep me company and warn me of all impending doom like the postman arriving or a squirrel trespassing on the fence – but today I really could have done with a bit more in the way of practical help – if only he was actually a house elf!

You see, I made a spur of the moment decision, after feeling grumpy that as usual, we would be on holiday for Medway Open Studios, and I would therefore not be able to take part – again; I decided to hold my own, stand-alone open studios, created a FB event, published it, announced it on twitter, instagram, FB and LinkedIn, made some DIY leaflets, handed them out at 2 networking events, and before I knew it, there really was no going back. Small problem was, I had taken delivery of a new larger kiln and wedged it into the garage. To make space for it, much of the garage was now in my studio and in the conservatory! But no worries – I had 6 weeks to sort this out before open studios :0)


OK, so now open studios is day after tomorrow, and I am still ‘tidying’ stuff! Why is it that what seems like a perfectly do-able task when the decision is made, gradually becomes the last thing on the planet you want to do? I have no problem getting on social media and promoting it – I’m even going to be a guest on Molly Moodle’s Mashup on Channel radio tomorrow to talk about it (do tune in between 3 & 4pm to listen). It’s just the getting around to actually making a start bit, that I’m struggling with….. so……. I’ve just paused for a cuppa and a couple of chocolate digestives, and to write a blog post – as clearly that’s what you do when faced with deadlines!


I may have had more than a couple of chocolate digestives by the way….

Actually this behaviour is pretty much par for the course (and I fear that my son Ellis has inherited my propensity for procrastination) – every exhibition I’ve put on, every holiday I’ve packed for, every piece of homework I did at school – all last minute dot com! I like to say I work best when I’m running the gauntlet, but actually it just serves to make me stressed! Once I thought it was a good idea to go to Ladies Day at Ascot on a vintage bus for a friend’s 40th, the day before my holiday, and pack (for me and my son) when I got back that night….. if the bus hadn’t broken down twice on the motorway coming home, that may have not been such a bad plan as it turned out to be – going to bed at 3am and getting back up at 6am to get to the airport suddenly erased all the fun of Ladies Day from my memory!

Anyway, it’s 5 mins to school pick up now, so I’d better drink my tea… I mean I’d better do a bit more tidying up….

Come on Harvey, if I promise you a sock of your very own, can you just magic my studio in order? Pleeeaaase!



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