Bling Bling!!

Sometimes I go back to my original passion of making jewellery and for the 1st two weeks of February 2014, Nucleus Arts Gallery in Chatham ( ) is hosting a special exhibition of jewellery for the run-up to Valentines – “Bling Bling!” So, what to make??

Having wrestled with the thought that in the end, fused glass jewellery all starts to look the same to me, I stopped making it for a while. I was also slightly obsessed with making BIG things so the precision of pairs of cufflinks and stud earrings vs the freeform style of frit, put up no contest. However, it’s always nice to revisit something that you feel was almost too far into your comfort zone that you felt it had become mundane. And by happy accident, I recently lent a hand to a new glass artist when she needed some cabochons fired – It was refreshing to experience someone else’s take on glass jewellery, and it reminded me that making miniature works of art that might become a ring, or a necklace, is actually quite exciting! We had great fun washing the cabochon’s at my sink and discussing their various merits and potential. Her new and inexperienced view of the glass was an inspiration to me – a prod in the ribs, urging me to ignore my self-imposed rules about layering and dimensions and precision (I blame a former life as a draughts person for my OCD attitude to cutting jewellery glass).

Of course, an acknowledgement of the technical ‘rules’ is always wise, but I realise that it can also become constraining and make your work feel a bit too uniform and yes, I’ll say it, “boring”!! I can’t remember the last time I looked at glass jewellery and thought “hmmmm!? How did they do that??” I guess that’s what I want to achieve – that people will be intrigued, as I was the first time I bought some glass jewellery from the Leeds Castle Xmas Craft fair. It’s what made me want to buy a kiln and work it out for myself…..

Actually, as I’ve been typing this blog, I’ve had a couple of little ideas…… maybe I should get off the PC and go experiment?! Yes, I think that’s what I’ll do………



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