New Year, New Ideas!

Welcome to 2014!

A horizon filled with the promise of new possibilities and fresh ideas… if it wasn’t for that damned rain and the wind, and the pending speed awareness course, I would definitely have got my New Year Mojo back by now!

Well the dreaded speed awareness is tomorrow, so then we just need the weather to start behaving and I’m sure that will be the beginning of an exciting year of new glass projects.

Actually I do have the seeds of a little plan in my head for the coming year but it involves me winning the lottery or some such other money-generating scheme. I ended 2013 with a flurry of activity – a stand at Handmade Christmas at the O2, my glass going into a new Florist as well as making Christmassy items for both the Nucleus Arts Galleries. The aim was to generate enough spondoolies for a much needed bigger kiln. In actual fact, I ended the year not far off my target, but then came the inevitable discussion with my family regarding where this BIGGER kiln was supposed to live?!? Ahha! Yes, there is that to consider, and my son didn’t fancy swapping his downstairs den for my upstairs ‘studio’ (AKA spare bedroom). So hubster put out the idea that a ‘garden studio’ would be the ideal solution….. yes, when you google ‘garden studio’ you can indeed get lost in the dreamworld of designer purpose-built, fully insulated, double-glazed, practically holiday-home-esque ‘garden studios’ that people who have indeed won the lottery, may be at this very moment, ordering from one of the many on-line bespoke studio builders!

I live in hope…… but in the meantime, I’m going to place a line of pebbles in the garden where my studio will be (one day) and look out of the rain soaked window, whilst summoning the Goddess of enthusiasm and the God of wind-fall (appropriately named for the current weather conditions) and drink my cup of tea…. and eat the leftover Xmas shortbread.

I hope your New Year has got off to a more creative and up’n’at ’em start than mine!

Best wishes for all your ideas and plans x Bev


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