In persuit of the perfect Xmas present…….

In a time of recession and when everywhere you look there is a sale on in the high street, you might assume that Xmas present buying this year would be a quick slap-dash affair! Not so!! I have experienced a wonderful phenomenon of appreciation for the hand-made, hand-crafted, hand-stitched, hand-thrown, hand-painted, and hand-rolled…….. handy, hey?!

I have been sooooooo busy making silver fingerprint treasures that my thumbs are barely functional now and my own fingers barely have an un-blemished fingerprint left on them! But how can I refuse when someone phones up in the hope that I can help them create the perfect Xmas gift for their loved one – a unique and precious pure silver fingerprint of their little darlings – immortalised in Ag, and treasured forever!?!?

And so begs the question….. “what is the best handcream you can recommend”???!!?!?!?

Bev x