Another Question – To slump or not to slump?!

Yesterday I thought I was making a bowl, but when it came out of the kiln after it’s full fuse firing (that’s the bit where you fuse all the glass together first – flat) it looked so nice, I just can’t bring myself to put it back in and slump it into a bowl! I’m thinking ‘wall art’ – it’ll look lovely up on someone’s wall (someone who needs purple in their life!!)

So now there is another purple glass square of stripes happily slumping away in the kiln…….. it’s gonna look fab! And when I work out how to post pictures on this blog, I’ll let you see it!!


To adorn or not to adorn? That is the question!

With a compulsion to ‘dress it up’ and a love of all things shiny and bright, I guess the answer is a resounding YES!!!

Here in my glass art studio in Medway, Kent, UK, I can be found cutting & fusing glass into yummy little adornments for you to wear or into scrumptious BIG adornments to place strategically about your home or hang on the walls! The only dilema really is WHAT to adorn first?!?!

If it were me, I’d start with myself, but then that’s from a self-confessed jewellery-aholic (and only child)! But sinse Xmas is fast approaching and you may be feeling in a generous mood towards others, maybe gifts of a shiny glass variety are just the ticket?!

Take a look on my facebook page for some inspiration……..

Mmmm – that link looks awfully long – hope it works!

Bev x